Sometimes funding by itself is not be enough. Based in London with wide-ranging European partner network, Blue Lake's startup acceleration program is the bridge into the UK and international markets. We will help you to refine your product, business model and build up your client traction. We will also support your further fundraising as an investor or via investor referrals within our extensive network. 

What makes Blue Lake special is the network of partners that are supporting Blue Lake's startups, these include wonderful people from: The Royal Bank of Scotland, Dell Technologies, DTEK, Hitachi, Hilti, London Metropolitan University, major retailer chains and investors in the UK to name a few. In total, we have over 120 mentors whom you can access as part of the Blue Lake acceleration program.

We do not believe in one size fits all approach. An Acceleration programme is an instrument to help and get our startups to the next level and help to bring them to the UK markets. As a founder, you have unique sets of experiences and unique challenges that your startup is facing. The first thing that we do is sit down with you to identify your pain points, goals and your current client traction. The acceleration program then structured to address these questions and will include.

  • Bespoke support programme

  • Access to Blue Lake Network

  • Go-to-market support

  • Demo day in London

  • Joining a life long ecosystem

  • Funding (case by case)

  • 3 - 6 months acceleration

  • Individual mentorship

  • Open Office Hours

  • Spending time with us in our London offices


We brought together a list of useful startup resources that can be found here. If you thinks there is anything that should add, let us know.

The best way to find out if Blue Lake Acceleration program can help your startup is to meet us during open office hours