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Invest in Blue Lake Accelerator

Blue Lake Accelerator itself is a startup and we invite institutional and private investors to join our story. Blue Lake Accelerator is the UK registered company and the potential investors are offered an equity stake in the Accelerator.

Becoming an equity holder you join a very special club consisting of investors, international tech. leaders, Blue Lake mentors and startups.

If you would like to find out more about participation in the Blue Lake Accelerator as an equity holder please email us at . We will then get back to setup and introduction call and discuss in more details the opportunity.

At Blue Lake, we are very lucky to be supported by amazing corporate and institutional partners and investors. If you would like to find out more about how your organisation may participate in Blue Lake Accelerator please contacts us.

IYou are not a huge company or an investment fund, but would still like to participate in the Blue Lake Accelerator? Not to worry! Blue Lake Accelerator equity is now available to small investors with a minimal participation of £480.


What is the minimum investment size, do I need to be a large investor to participate?

For an institutional investor, it is £20,000 For the private investor it is £480.


What will I actually be investing into?

Important to note, Blue Lake Accelerator is not a funds managing firm. You will be purchase equity in the UK registered Limited company.


What guarantees will I get?

We believe that Blue Lake Accelerator offers a highly lucrative opportunity and we are uniquely placed with the tech ecosystem. However, your capital is at risk, your funds are definitely not guaranteed. Blue Lake Accelerator is a high risk opportunity and the entire amount of your equity investment is at risk.


Is Blue Lake EIS/SEIS Registered?

We are currently applying for the  EIS/SEIS status.