Startup Pitch Deck Masterclass. (including individual pitch deck reviews)

November 21, 2019

Your pitch deck is one of the most important tools when approaching an investor or a potential partner. Yet the creation of the document that introduces your company, explains the opportunity, appeals to a wide audience without being too general and all that in a handful of slides is not an easy task!

Who is this for?

Early-stage startups looking for seed level or Series A investments.

About the masterclass

Our intensive 4-hour workshop will help to prepare you for the creation of the new or improvement of your current pitch deck. We will review your current materials and offer individual recommendations. Small class size (up to 8 people) ensures that we are able to pay individual attention to all of the participants.


  • We will ask you to submit your pitch deck or other materials before the start of the course. You will receive individual feedback and recommendations.

  • The class will be focused on the best industry practices, live case studies and your actual requirements.

  • One hour post-class consultation after the class (1week after, over Skype) where we once again take a look at your pitch deck.

  • Small class size.

About the speaker

The workshop will be conducted by David Gilgur a partner of the Blue Lake Accelerator and founder of VimesVC the with seven years experience in fundraising, investing and supporting early-stage startups in the UK and the emerging markets.

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