Choosing a PR agency? Here’s what you need to consider

Prepared by our partner and mentor Dan Walsh, PR Director, MUSTARD PR For any early stage company with ambitious plans to scale and become a recognisable brand, the hiring of a PR agency is something they will have to consider. Whether it falls to the founder, CEO or comms team - it’s a big decision to make. Choosing the right experts will mean your target audience will soon know about who you are, what you do and why it is they need to make that purchase or pick-up the phone to your sales team. Make the wrong call and you could find yourself 3-6 months down the line no further forward - in fact you could have taken a step back. To help you make a more informed decision, here’s what I’d sugg

Blue Lake's home in Kyiv!

We are delighted to announce our partnership with iHUB - one of the leading hubs for startups and technology companies in Ukraine. Blue Lake's pre-acceleration program which commences on the 27th of January 2020 in Kyiv will be hosted at iHUB. Happy to join the iHUB family where you can find the most talented entrepreneurs, startups, partners, clients, employees, and investors. We look forward to our fruitful long-term cooperation! iHUB – is a combination of modern coworking and historic architecture in the heart of the city. Spacious open space, private offices, designer meeting rooms, leisure areas and event halls. In iHUB we only have topical events and top speakers. You will not be bored

Blue Lake Startup Network | Legal Nodes

Meet Blue Lake Startup Network! Legal Nodes - a tech-driven legal marketplace matching customers with the most suitable legal providers globally. Need legal support for your startup? Interested in investment or partnership opportunities Legal Nodes offers? Follow the link to learn more or contact the team directly Margarita Sivakova Nestor Dubnevych

Meet Blue Lake Startup Network | Mango Systems

Aside from the more traditional acceleration programme, Blue Lake has emerged as a true startup hub not only for the resident companies but for any early-stage startups from all over the world! Meet members of our network, MANGO SYSTEMS - a smart home solutions for people who care about electrical safety and comfort. Thousands of people suffer electric shocks every year. Mango System's goal is to change this! Follow the link to learn more or contact Ivan Ovcharyk directly!

Meet Blue Lake Startups | REMBI

REMBI - AI driving platform for getting into any university from the US and UK. REMBI provides personalised and flexible educational plan, aimed to help to enter the top universities around the world. If you are interested to learn more, contact the team directly

How to rock at financial modeling

Prepared by our partners Finance PM Team At some point every entrepreneur has to develop a financial model for their business be it a start of new venture, point of growth or time to raise funding. It is important to remember that financial model is a pure reflection of how your business operates or will operate: how you [will] sell your product/service, hire people, use resources. To build a working financial model you need to get all your plans and ideas straight. So we have some tips for you and the rest is just a beautiful work of art. How to get started: Gather key data Build a template Start filling in Here is a suggested structure for your financial model file: Summary: all the assump

Meet Blue Lake Startups | VIRE

Meet VIRE - a platform for producers of educational content and target audience using VR technology. What is VIRE for business? This is a software that allows you to teach easily using Virtual Reality. All you need is a laptop. Are you an investor? The team is looking for early-stage investors to change the future of education together! If you are interested, contact team directly

Meet Blue Lake Partners | Altima Web Systems

We are very pleased to offer 7% off on Web, Applications and E-Commerce IT development services from our good friends at Altima Web Systems. Feel free to email us and we will put you in touch with the Altima team for a free initial consultation. [Executive director of Altima Vadim Pronko taking part at the panel discussion 'Late stage business challenges for early-stage startups' at the very first Demo Day of the Blue Lake accelerator in London]

Meet Blue Lake Startups | TargetMe

Meet TargetMe - a full-service sponsorship automation platform. 'We offer a simple and effective offline targeting tool that helps businesses save time and costs at every stage of sponsorship logistics.' If you would like to be among the first lucky users or investors, don't miss the opportunity to contact a founder Ivan Maksymchuk directly. Follow the website to stay informed about the latest TargetMe updates

Meet Blue Lake Startups | DITA

We are launching the ongoing Blue Lake Startups update! Meet DITA - a comprehensive B2B solution for clothing retailers that increases their conversion rate and reduces returns using individual size targeting. To learn more about DITA follow or contact team directly Tatyana Malashenko. 'We make clothing shopping effective as never before!'

[Video] Demo Day in London, Dec'19

It was a privilege to help and introduce so many great startups and the Blue Lake Accelerator at the Google Campus in London during December 2019 Demo Day. If you would like to find out more about Blue Lake Accelerator investment or partnership opportunities, please contacts us

Market Validation – ‘False Positives’, by David Gilgur

Market Validation is one of the touchstones of Blue Lake Accelerator and whenever I hear stories of when Market Validation did not work I am always curious as to the reasons behind. I wanted to share why, in our experience, market validation may yield misleading results. Friends and Family I was recently listening to a prominent CEO who when describing his early struggles credited his friends and family for believing in his company’s product when no one else did. This is a rather typical story and, after all, that’s what the friends and family are for, to support you when no one else does, it is pretty much in the job description. The problem is that some times there is a good reason as to w

Top Challenges Ukrainian Startups Face, by Lyubov Guk

Check our article about challenges Ukrainian startups face. Prepared by Lyubov Guk for Vestbee. Likely, you have all heard of a successful startups with Ukrainian roots. Grammarly, DepositPhotos, Looksery. Ukraine's rich technical tradition and one of the highest number of developers makes it unsurprising that some of the startups originating from this country become renowned globally. What is surprising is that so very few do. Ukraine dwarfs most of its fellow Eastern European neighbors when it comes to sheer talent volume and yet lags embarrassingly behind when it comes to the number of successful startups. What holds this sleeping giant back? I am lucky enough to have had a front-row seat

Blue Lake London cohort

We are starting the new year with some exciting news! Blue Lake Accelerator is opening up its London office where our next (February) cohort will be based. Our mission is linking the best Ukrainian startups with the UK’s market so it only makes sense that all of the startups that take part in the acceleration will be fully immersed in London’s TechCity. To apply

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