Market Validation for Startups Master Class. (London, Feb 27th)

Market validation is something that starts on day one and then (one way or another) stays as a permanent feature in the life of most startups. In plain language, this means getting prompt feedback for your products or services from your potential clients. Importance of market validation is hard to overestimate. Product changes, extending your service offerings, entering new markets - all require a clear understanding of the balance between the actual client's requirements, your product and the problem it solves and the willingness of the decision makers to pay for it. At this masterclass we will cover the fundamentals of validating your hypotheses, obtaining the feedback from potential clien

Not investing is not an option

Lyubov Guk shared some thoughts about direct investments into Ukrainian startups for our partners SEA TRIAL magazine. Very briefly about opportunities and pitfalls. Link to a full version (RU).

How to value your SaaS business

Prepared by our partners Finance PM Team An essential exercise every founder shall perform before starting fundraising is valuing their company. Why is it important? In short, to understand how many shares to give away to investors in return for their money. I tend to agree that business valuation is more art than science. Every company is unique; hence there are many factors to be taken into consideration. And in the end, it all comes to negotiating, being able to sell your vision, and development strategy at the highest price. Nonetheless, there are specific valuation methods for different types of companies, and today I would like to take a moment and discuss SaaS businesses. One of the k

Open Office Hours. London, Kyiv

The Blue Lake Partners are holding Open Office hours on a weekly basis. Startups all areas, and stages, are welcome to request a 30-minute appointment with one of the partners to discuss in an open format any questions or issues you are facing as a startup. Completely confidential this is your opportunity to vent, ask for advice, moan, run ideas past us or raise a specific issue you may have. Slots are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. To book a slot click here.

B2B sales for startups: challenges and ways to succeed, by Finance PM

Prepared by our partners Finance PM Team This becomes a habit to write an article for our blog after another conversation with a startup founder. This time we talked about selling to B2B clients, the challenges startups usually face and ways to succeed in this complex process. Here are some thoughts and tips. Large companies don’t always understand how to work with startups that’s why they prefer to avoid this type of cooperation looking for established partners. But there is good news: many of them are now opening innovation departments and hire people who are more familiar to the startup world, so now you might have an inside ally. Another way-in is through companies that are helping corpo

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