Blue Lake Update, May 2020

Dear Startups, A quick update from the Blue Lake Accelerator. As you can imagine being a startup accelerator centred around physical team presences in our offices meant that we have been doing some thinking over the past couple of months. We see the current situation as a call to action. Opportunity to evolve and get better, and this is exactly what we have been doing. For now, we will be moving away from a cohort-based approach and be much more individually focused on each startup that we work with. While face to face communication will still play an important role, and we will host startups at our offices this will be done as and if required. Bad news this means we will not be able to su

Meet our new startup!

We would like to welcome on board FairHire, a new addition to the Blue Lake family! FairHire is a high-end applicant tracking system (ATS) that has a fully-anonymised blind hiring programme and intelligent people analytics backed by behavioural science. Usage of FairHire helps organisations to facilitate best practices while putting in place fair hiring practises in the end-to-end process. The platform is designed for large enterprises where security, compliance and global distribution is the standard. With attention to user experience and ability to tackle bias, the impact is not only within the organisation but also to the communities in the value chain. With the ability to process both

Blue Lake Accelerator | Open Office Hours

Taking to the account the increased demand we are opening up more Open Office Hours slots! The Blue Lake Partners are holding Open Office hours on a weekly basis. Startups all areas, and stages, are welcome to request a 30-minute appointment with one of the partners to discuss in an open format any questions or issues you are facing as a startup. Completely confidential this is your opportunity to vent, ask for advice, moan, run ideas past us or raise a specific issue you may have. Slots are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. To book a slot click here

Tech Ukraine: Bridging Kyiv to London, an accelerator offers startups a new way to go global

The material published on Tech Ukraine portal, prepared for UADN and kindly provided by Michael Buryk Ukraine-born David Gilgur, the founder of Vimes Consulting, has established an early-stage startup accelerator for Ukrainian companies in London called Blue Lake.  Vimes has been working closely with Ukrainian startups for a number of years and previously organized an annual London-based event where selected Ukrainian startups pitched to UK early-stage investors. Gilgur points out why he started the accelerator.  “We saw there was a gap with Ukrainian startups which were technically often very proficient, but when it comes to things like presentation or fundraising would often lack those ski

Meet our new partner Arkane Innovation

We are happy to announce our new partner - the UK-based company with a proven track record, Arkane Innovation. Arkane Innovation provides strategy, design and implementation for innovation, entrepreneurship, intellectual property, economic development and research commercialisation needs. Arkane Team offers a range of practitioner-led, practical advisory services and development programs focused on helping organizations prepare for the fourth industrial revolution. Through a rich history of successful initiatives and deep experience, Arkane Innovation has access to very practical and implementable expertise in building innovation systems. The drive to create, sustain, and improve entrepreneu

Innovation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Last week we tried something new getting together over Zoom with Blue Lake network and our new partner Arkane Innovation. Professor Gordon McConnell took the audience through a thought-provoking look at the future of innovation and technology, seen through the lens of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Second Machine Age. This fifty-minute lecture examined the potential changes that are already occurring now and those that will impact all industries over the next ten years. Covering the surge of new technologies from artificial intelligence to physical robotics to automation systems, the lecture looked at how these will affect human behaviour. It also examined the impact of recent even

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