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Redmill Marketing Associates (RMA) is a full service B2B marketing agency, founded in 2007, that is dedicated to providing technology and telecoms companies with the support and strategic input they need to meet their growth objectives. RMA team has deep experience and expertise of mobile communications and networks, as well as IoT. This spans infrastructure, applications and services, backed by a clear understanding of market context and trends. RMA provides customers with a focused and responsive service that acts as a seamless extension of their own marketing resources. From full branding and website development to strategic consultancy, RMA helps customers to develop compelling proposit

Blue Lake Accelerator Model. White Paper Extract (Russian)

Я готовлю White Paper о планах развития Blue Lake Accelerator для наших инвесторов в фонд и партнеров. Сделал выдержку ниже для тех, кто хочет узнать больше о нас и наших подходах к ранним стартап инвестициям . С инвестиционной точки зрения, правильный стартап это золотой билет на получение уровня доходов, сопоставимый с колумбийскими наркобаронами. Чем раньше вход, тем больше (и зачастую кратно) возврат. Разумеется, эти истории успеха строятся на костях 90%+ процентов стартапов, о которых мы никогда не услышим, а инвесторы никогда не увидят свои деньги. Святой грааль среди инвесторов - как идентифицировать будущий успех (winners, единороги и тп) уже сейчас, пока они еще в условном гараже?

'Go to market — or die', by Lyubov Guk for Sifted

Think lack of funding is what kills most startups? Think again. What’s the main challenge for an early-stage startup? ‘Lack of funding!’, many founders reading this article may be screaming into their screens right now. The fundraising chase has become many founders’ singular focus — and the constant barrage of sexy headlines of yet another ‘successful multi-zillion round’ is only adding fuel to the fire. But I think those screaming founders are wrong. Finding funding isn’t the hardest thing. Finding customers is. Let’s talk about traction Now, don’t get me wrong. Fundraising is pretty damn important but huge funds raised do not guarantee success, traction does. At Blue Lake Accelerator, we

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