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Fundraising With Blue Lake

For most of the founders, fundraising is always at the back of their minds. You can have the best product, an outstanding team, amazing plans for the future but without the funds to make it happen this story is unlikely to go anywhere. At Blue Lake Accelerator, we have an established process to introduce startups to our expansive network of investors allowing direct access to:


  • Early-stage VC funds

  • Family offices

  • HNW

  • Corporate investment offices

The list of investment organisations that Blue Lake Accelerator works with available upon request.

Before going ahead important information! Blue Lake team does not offer investment, legal or accounting service advice, and we do not offer any guarantees as to the results. Blue Lake does not offer any investment advice. We are also not responsible for any outcomes that may result following the introductions. The fees are nonrefundable and while we always do our best there is no such a thing as a guarantee when it comes to fundraising.

How does it work?


You place your order for Blue Lake fundraising support services £600 (+VAT).


We will then call you to say introduce ourselves, find out more about your startup and set up the timeline of what happens next and when. You will then receive access to an online data room where we will ask you to tell us more about your startup, share investment materials you currently have (pitch deck, business plan, etc) and other relevant information. This information must be provided within seven working days.*  Blue Lake team then reviews your documents and we set up a followup call.


Prior to the call, we send our written report and we will let you know if in our opinion you are ready to be introduced to the Blue Lake investor network or there are some specific changes we recommend you do first before we can proceed.


*Important, a missed timeline may mean extra charges or termination of the service with no refunds.

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