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Market validation is something that starts on day one and then stays as a permanent feature in the life of most startups. In plain language, market validation is a means of getting feedback on your new products or services from your future clients before you launch them.

Importance of market validation is hard to overestimate.  Product development, extending your service offering, entering new markets, convincing an investor - all requires a clear understanding of the actual client's requirements and how your product can meet them (or not as the case may be).

Blue Lake is a product-focused accelerator with market validation being a speciality of ours. With a dedicated in-house analytics team, the extensive network of contacts across a wide array of industries and countries we deliver a professional and independent market validations assessment.

Is it a substitute for doing your own legwork and face to face meeting with your future clients? No of course not. But we can do the initial work, and save the most important commodity you have - your time while you are busy working on creating that next unicorn!

who is this for?



Quite clearly market and product validation would be of foremost interest for a startup looking to launch a product or enter new markets.



We offer an independent market validation reporting to VCs. These are typically used as part of the pre-investment market due diligence or as a tool to help and support existing portfolio startups.

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