Blue Lake Accelerator was launched by VimesVC - London based venture capital and investment advisory firm with the focus on early-stage startups and the emerging markets. 


VimesVC was founded in 2012 by David Gilgur following a successful career in London’s City. With an extensive background in finance, trade, investments and passion for technologies, David launched VimesVC with the goal of linking the UK’s experiences with Ukraine’s untapped opportunities.


We have since grown into a Vimes group combining VimesVC and Vimes Consulting but our initial mission remains the same. To find, nurture and support the very best of the early-stage startups from across the globe. This mission lead us to the creation of Blue Lake Accelerator allowing to focus on doing what we do best - helping to create amazing new products and companies.

For the past five years, VimesVC have been the principal organiser of the British Ukrainian IT & Tech Roadshow, linking early-stage start-ups and VC investors opportunities that the two countries have to offer. The events bring together keynote speakers and investors and of course incredible early-stage start-ups from both countries. 


The first Roadshow took place in late 2016 and when we have been asked to introduce the Ukrainian market to a few VC’s curious about the country. We have come a long way from this one-hour session around a small table and an uncertain Skype connection to a 100 people plus event bringing together the UK based VCs and an ever-expanding lineup of startups

Blue Lake Demo Day London, December 2019

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