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At our first Demo Day on 12th of December we had 6 startups coming from Ukraine, and two from our friends at Google Campus:

TARGETME, Sponsorship automation platform, Google AdWords for the physical World. DITA, A retail tech startup to increase conversion and reduce return rates in online clothing shopping. VIRE, A platform for producers of educational content and target audience using VR technology. REMBI, AI driving platform for getting into any university from the US and UK. MANGO SYSTEMS, Smart home solutions for people who care about electrical safety and comfort. LEGAL NODES, Tech-driven legal marketplace matching customers with the most suitable legal providers globally. COMPARE ETHICS,  The platform, and algorithm that makes it easy for consumers to find verified sustainable products. REITLY,  A one-stop shop for learning, choosing and monitoring investments, for everyone. If you are interested in finding out more about our startups or Blue Lake itself drop us a line

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