Being a startup is hard enough, let us take care of the rest

Being a startup founder some times may feel like a nearly impossible proposition. Aside from developing your core product as a founder you supposed to be a lawyer, marketing expert, fundraising guru, programmer and a myriad of other things. 

At Blue Lake Accelerator we leverage our experience and expertise as well that of our partner network to help you to remain focused on your priorities. Contacts us now to set up your free initial consultation regarding any of the services below.

Financial modelling

A solid financial model is the foundation of any successful business. By quantifying and then validating your business plan and business model, assumptions and vision you are able to turn your ideas into a sustainably operating business. We help you with formulation, fine-tuning and creating end results which will be one of the foundations of your futures success.

We know how important IT development is for you and how critical it is for a startup to have reliable tech partners. Partners that will care about the end result, able to show initiative and flexibility. Blue Lake Accelerator is backed by some of the best IT development firms offering: front & back development, web, mobile, AI, cloud and SaaS expertise.


At the Blue Lake, we have an incredible network of early-stage investors which we can leverage to help you to achieve your goals. We will work with you on putting together your individual fundraising road map.

Digital Marketing

Digital is a critical part of nearly every marketing strategy. This is where we excel - reaching your potential clients, observing their online behaviour and delivering a message that shapes their purchasing decision

1-2-1​ with Blue Lake partners

A 1-2-1 consultation with Blue Lake's partner is a bit like visiting your general doctor. If you are not quite sure what is the actual problem that you are facing or you do understand challenges but you do not know where to start or how to best tackle them its time to book your appointment.  


The mission of PR and a communications strategy is to understand and drive the marketing and sales fortunes of your business. MUSTARD PR does this by telling great creative stories and ‘sniping’ digital content right to the audiences that want it. We deliver campaigns that stand out from the noise and deliver on objectives.


Hardware is really hard and requires systematic in-depth knowledge when building a physical product that will work and can be manufactured in large quantities. 
Luckily, Blue Lake Accelerator is backed by specialists who know all the pitfalls of product development and ability to make hard things easy, turning an idea into the tangible final product. We will develop the industrial design of the product, think over the mechanics of it, cover the electronics with embedded software, prepare & finalize prototypes suitable for mass production, as well as handle production itself.

Product development, extending your service offering, entering new markets, convincing an investor - all require a clear understanding of the actual client's requirements and how your product can meet them (or not as the case may be). Making the wrong decision can be very costly.

Blue Lakes leverages its considerable expertise, network and communication with the actual end clients to produce bespoke market validation reports that offer a clear and independent picture of where your new products or service stands on the market.

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